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Originally Posted by terrybear View Post
Its a case of YLMV with drives from both seagate AND western digital. There has been MANY users over the years on the forums that i have read have used the same argument " i only buy seagate/wd cause every wd/seagate i have botten has died ", reality is of course every drive can not be made to last its exspected lifetime or longer.

If everyone kept not buyin a brand cause of 1 failed product they would eventualy have no product to pick from ...
Yup, over the past couple decades I have had every brand and model die on me. Seagates, western digitals, maxtor, ibm (later hitachi) even samsung and with the exception of Maxtor's last gasps it truly is all luck of the draw. The majority will have a happy happy, joy joy experience with any of them...BUT if you purchase enough of any brand or will get a dud. Life happens, rma it and move on.

The best advice I can give (which was given to me about 20 years ago by my mentor) is as soon as you buy ANY hdd, run the mfg'ers diagnostics, write down the numbers then do a HARD format on it. Then redo the tests. IF the number of errors, reallocated sectors etc goes up significantly...return it, take the restocking fee hit and get another hdd...its prolly one of the "soon to be" duds. Ive caught many hdd duds this way and it has helped a LOT, with less pain for me and my customers. ;)

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