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Originally Posted by ipaine View Post
Would this not also open the door up for 4 and 5 TB drives in the very near future?

Also while this drive has amazing performance it is a little pricey but as you said certainly not out to lunch. Although there is one thing that stops me and that is the stack of Seagates I have that are dead, 3 here at home (2 of which are already replacements) and another 4 at work. They hurt me bad and it seems like whenever I trust them to work they fail me and that combined with the lets face it, lousy warranty, it does have me worried about the reliability of these drives.
Its a case of YLMV with drives from both seagate AND western digital. There has been MANY users over the years on the forums that i have read have used the same argument " i only buy seagate/wd cause every wd/seagate i have botten has died ", reality is of course every drive can not be made to last its exspected lifetime or longer.

If everyone kept not buyin a brand cause of 1 failed product they would eventualy have no product to pick from ...
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