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Default Sonata III

This is my secondary rig now, figured I'd toss it up here for posterity. It was originally running on a Koolance Exos-2 system for awhile, but I just finished switching everything over to Thermalright. Had to drop the Quad down to 3.2 GHz when I went to air, but the loudest item is the front Noctua running at only 1100 rpm. Pretty tight fit around MSI's Circuspipe setup, sliced my fingers more than a few times getting the heatsink fan installed properly, but nothing is rubbing.

On Water:
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On Air:
Name:  SonataAir.JPG
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On an aside, the piece of foam tape on top of the TRUE is to help force the air to pass through the fins - as near as I've been able to tell, it's worth 1-2 degrees improvement, even at low fan speeds.

On another aside, note the "giant" PSU needed to run an OC'd Quad and G80 video card (the PSU fan barely begins to ramp up at max load).
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