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Thx guys !

Yea the routerofdoom has been working for basically 2 years without TLC... It really needed the work , all the fans were shot etc..I'll be restarting the life clock at 25000 hours.hahaha


I've re-racked it :


As a former smoothwall user , pfSense is better by 10x .PfSense is a m0n0wall fork......basically m0n0wall is for embedded systems, pfSense is more gui/user friendly.....PfSense is not cryptic at all , best interface I've worked with.

Dual / Triple WAN works great , we've hosted 20+ person LAN's from dual "Free wifi hotspots".I'm really hopeful pfSense 2.0 has fixed the wifi issues...We'll see , I'm just doing the programming now.

In the pic above you can see my default antenna ; smc planar directional . The new card is just on a pigtail.....Really , the antenna I use depends on how far away my victim is....

I buy my antenna's .

MRO Electronic Supply Ltd.
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