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My System Specs


Curious as to what opinion Linus has on the subject. Maybe he will answer in a week, or so. Busy guy there. ;)

I decided to go ahead and get some MX-4. I already have AS5, but I am overly cautious about putting AS5 on my GPU with the possibility of shorting out something. I'm sure I won't put a ridiculous amount of TIM on the GPU, to the point it will spread past the boundaries of the plate on the GPU, but better safe than sorry.

I am still interested in peoples opinions regardless of me already purchasing TIM, as well as their experiences. Thanks for the comments so far!

Oh and one last thing. I don't mean to basically put another topic in here, but I am also interested in application(ex: pea method, spread method, line method etc), and if it's true that the spread method creates air bubbles and if so, does that apply to only certain types of TIM, or all TIM? Thanks again!

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