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My System Specs


pfSense is definitely on the "to do" list. When I went with my 50mbit connection I needed a router yesterday that would be able to do that amount of WAN -> LAN thruput. My poor WRT54GL just couldn't keep up anymore. It limited my connection to about 30mbit.

I ended up going with an asus RT N-16 for now but the pfSense build is definately going in a 1U case in my rack.

Couple of questions....

I've used Smoothwall for years previously... how cryptic is pfSense?
Did the dual WAN work well?
What are you using for antennas for your wireless cards? I see the whips but don't know where they are going.
Do you make or buy your antennas? If you buy, where?

I think that's it for now...
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