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My System Specs


Again, thanks for the replies. Much appreciated :)

I definitely have the time and the money. Plus I am quite bored of my pc and will enjoy the challenge. I am also quite familiar with aquarium pumps and fittings and that kind of stuff as live planted aquarium is one of my other hobbies. The question now is : Do you think it would be possible to drop from 70C to 60C going from the H60 to a custom loop? Or is that a ridiculous goal? I don't want to spend 500+ for a few degree change in temps. But at the same time it's not just about the temps, its about appearance and noise levels as well. Plus something to do. A challenge.

I am now really leaning towards going custom. I really like the expandability of custom compared to closed loop. I'm sure in the future I will want to WC my vid card(s) when I upgrade when the new ones come out. I even spent all night last night looking at peoples setups, full systems, and individual parts. Pricing them out and doing 'pretend builds'.

Now a new question arises. Would it be recommended to purchase a full kit? Or separate parts? And which kits are good? Or which brands are good? Also it appears that the EK 240mm length radiator will be the only one that will fit in my case, being 277mm where I have 275 to work with. I might have to dremel a lowered dip area on my 5 1/4" drive bay area to gain those extra 2mm. All the other ones that had size specs seemed to be 5mm-10mm too big.

Will an EK radiator be compatible with say a for example a koolance waterblock, provided they both have the same size fittings?
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