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Originally Posted by Cadence View Post
if you guys have any recommendations regarding MacBook Pros.
I plan on adding an additional 4GB of RAM later on so any thoughts of manufacturers, etc. would be helpful as I've read Apple is picky with that.
Pretty much any Corsair or Mushkin kits play very well with MacBooks, OWC as well - the latter being the most recommended among people on the Apple/MR Forums. I would suggest going with a 15" if you're doing multimedia, the extra real estate due to resolution would probably be very welcome.

The prevailing build for students in your field over at MacRumors has been a base 15" model with 8GB of RAM - HDD/SSD varies between users, I've always been a fan of more storage space above SSD speed, there's a plethora of great 1TB notebook drives kicking around nowdays. (Ironic since I'm typing this on a MacBookAir )
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