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Originally Posted by p3t3rson View Post
I have a 2011 MBP and love it. So much so I have sold off all my PC stuff. My recommendation would to get the high-res anti-glare screen its a big improvement and the upgraded processor. Stick with the lowest RAM avaliable as aftermarket Kingston or Corsair RAM can be bought much cheaper. I was able to overclock the video card while undervolting it as well. I have had no overheating issues what so ever. Also you can upgrade the HDD to SSD later but you lose trim. If you want TRIM you must use the Apple SSD. HTH.
And this is the late model that just came out earlier this month?
Regardless, thank you for your input.
Although SSD's are definitely getting cheaper, I still can't justify one for a laptop, I got one for my desktop and love it, definitely notice a difference even when I jumped from my WD Raptor drive to the OCZ Vertex2 SSD. I've also read about TRIM hacks for using your own SSD.
In regards to overclocking the GPU on the macbooks, I know it would be cake to do with ATI Overdrive on Windows side but what about the Mac OS side?

Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
First one was shut downs, second one was throttling. The third one now isn't exhibiting any of the issues but runs FAR too hot and the casing reaches temperatures that make it almost impossible to put on her lap.
Your girlfriend went through 3 macbooks?!
I can relate, my plastic black macbook is way too hot, I would've thought that the aluminum body would've dissipated the heat better =\
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