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My System Specs


I think if you really want the best, I would go CL.

Reason being is you can easily adapt it to your specific build/needs, as long as you choose the parts properly, you can use it for years to come, it would just be as simple as getting more cooling tubes, maybe changing a few plates, not to mention you can have it quiet performance or balls to the wall type cooling power.

The H series coolers, are in many ways good coolers, better then most air coolers, are very compatible, but are not meant to be serviced, and the fans they come with, to get the most cooling, tend to be very noisy from the reviews I have seen.

If you have the funds, time, and research to do so, I most definately would go with a custom loop, beyond any other reason, is simple, its custom, so you can make it any way you so choose, heck, if you have a large enough coolant supply it can be almost completely noiseless, with the right pump and such :)
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