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Default MSI GTX 560Ti Hawk running too hot!

Hey all,

I recently bought an MSI gtx 560 Ti Hawk to run in SLI with my older Gigabyte gtx 560 Ti soc. I installed the MSI card as the primary since it's factory overclocked slightly lower than the gigabyte card. So both gpus are forced to run at 950mhz. I haven't had any system stability issues (games and benchmarks run great) but the MSI Hawk seems to be running really hot. Under load in SLI it can easily get up to 95-100 degrees while the Gigabyte card hovers around 70 degrees! Even when I remove the gigabyte card and leave the Hawk to run on it's own in the case, MSI Afterburner still shows it going up to 90 degrees celcius under load. The fans on the card sound like hairdryers they're working so hard.

I have okay case fan cooling (nothing extreme). Two intake 120mm fans at the front. One 120mm at the top and back for exhaust.

Wondering why the MSI card runs so much hotter and louder than my Gigabyte card. Is this normal for the Hawk? If so, it doesn't say much about the effectiveness of MSI's Twin Frozr cooling system. I do notice an awful lot of thermal paste that had been squished out along one edge of the gpu. At first glance it seems like a sloppy job.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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