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Default Hard drive connected to router

Hi guys,
I have an ASUS RT56N router, it has 2 USB ports which allow something to be plugged in. I want to plug in a hard drive so that I can have access to it on whichever computer I am on, including creating music playlists to be played on any computer. With that said, couple of things.

1. Is having the drive on all the time bad? I was considering a 640GB Samsung 2.5" drive (dated 2010) but it doesn't go into low power mode itself. I do have a 1TB Samsung Story external that I believe puts itself into low power mode after a while. I would prefer the 640GB, simply because my 1TB is full and I would needa find a place to transfer out the stuff.

2. Is it possible to make it so that I can access the drive from anywhere outside the network? If so, how? and is it secure? I would love to be able to go to a friends house and still access the data.

I'll ask if I come up with more questions (likely). Thanks!
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