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My System Specs

Default GD-80 won't go to sleep.

I recently noticed that my computer(specs to the right) won't go to sleep when I tell it to. I will set it to sleep in W7 and sometimes it will shutoff, only to come on again, then shutoff, then on, off, etc, until I flip the switch on the psu and restart it the machine. The post code LED gives me 'FF' and sometimes 'd5' during this time.
-all cpu power saving features are disabled, sleep mode is S3, cpu overclock is stable (at least I think).
-recent hardware change: upgraded from 470 to 480.

I've tried bumping up the cpu coltage a few notches, no result, also RAM is not overclocked.

I will reset BIOS to default when I get home and see if it will sleep.
Hope my board isn't on it last leg. Suggestions appreciated. Thanks.
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