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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
CFM means nothing when it comes to a fan for a heatsink and you need to learn that.

Static Pressure means a lot more when it comes to a fan for a CPU than CFM.

You could have 600 CFM on a fan but if it can't move air through the heatsink its not gonna cool anything down. This is why Noctua brought out the NF-P12 series as they are a high static pressure fan designed to push air through heatsinks to allow proper cooling.

Do a bit more research before thinking CFM means everything in fact I dare you to redo these tests with a NF-P12 fan compared to stock and I'll put money down that the NF-P12 will provide better results.
hehe relax mate. You are having a heart attack man.
Im fully aware of static pressure, and please provide me a link proving that the fan suks ?
You propperly cant, because you and I dont know.

dont freak out like that, is this the way you treat new users? I have been polite and stated my openion without offending anywon.

EDIT and BTW from calling the fan bad to wanting to compare it to a 20-30$ fan. That has no comparision mate.

Remember the heatsink is extreemly cheap, and even so it almost outperforms the True 120.
the 1283 has done so many times.
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