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My System Specs


Well, i can tell you this much - if you do decided to go custom loop, its very $$$$.

So have a realistic budget to begin with.

Once your set on a budget, are you planning to WC just the CPU? Or other components as well? Make sure your certain about this for now.

Once you figured out which part(s) youre going to WC, find out the thermal load on your component(s).

Personally, ived use this guide:

Beginner’s Guide to Water Cooling Your PC | Overclockers

And help me figure out my plan off attack. Goodluck!


Double and triple check all your connections and always be careful checking your loop. Dont want water dripping down on your stuff. And if it does, dont panic!

Just let it dry for a few days and double check everything and you should be good to go.
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