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Default Stuck Between Three SSD's!

After reading a very helpful review that I found in Onethreehill's post on ~120GB SSD's I've determined what SSD's I'm very interested in but I'm having a little bit of a hard time deciding on which one to get.

The choices I have are between the Corsair Force Series GT, OCZ Vertex III and the OCZ Vertex III Max IOPS which range between the $255-300AUD price point.

I plan to use whichever drive I get as my OS drive that I will probably have my currently most played game installed on as well and a few other bits and peices.

Seeing as my last SSD (OCZ Vertex Series 96GB) bricked on me without any warning, One minute my PC's running fine, I do a restart and it's gone! I'm not sure how I feel about OCZ but I have equally mixed feelings for Corsair which I know and love as a PSU & RAM developer but don't know anything about as a SSD developer..

What are your general opinions? They are all very similar with slight perks over the other. Price is not such a big deal to me as I came into this willing to spend $300.

However the most expensive one is the Max IOPS one and I am only willing to spend the extra ~$30 if "Max IOPS" is worth it and I don't know much about that.

Any feedback would be appreciated!

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