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My System Specs


You don't need a full tower. Or do you? LOL. Do you? My brother tried to convince me to get a full tower when I was selecting my parts. His attitude was the bigger the better (he was born in USA LOL). Look at my case in this thread. Despite being a mid tower it has TONS of room. I could fit a 240mm rad and some fans in the top, the side has tons of room for cable management. I can fit 3rd video card if I wanted to and there is still lots of room. I removed one of the HDD cages just for better airflow.

Case Pics

All Mid tower and full tower and mATX cases are different sizes. It's just like a nike size 9 is different from an adidas size 9 shoe or shirt or pants whatever(ime at least). They are not all the exact same and have lots of variation in height width or length. Newegg has a really good feature with lots of pictures at all angles of their cases, with the dimensions posted. You should be able to size up the cases quite well with that.

I might sound like a corsair fanboy but personally I feel they have the best cases. If they had an mATX case I would have went with them instead of Fractal Design for mATX.

And yes it does matter where the standoffs for your motherboard go, but I believe most cases that support a standard ATX will also give you the option to mount mATX.
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