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My System Specs


For cheap cases that actually look good, offer decent cooling ability and have good cable management I would recommend taking a look at a lot of the Rosewill cases on newegg. Most if not all of them are painted black on the inside, house a few fans, some even house up to seven, and they actually look decend and can get models with all of this for ~50-70.

Here is one in particular which is very nice for the price.


I just went back and read the whole thread not just your post. I'm like you and quite picky with the cases. Sadly of all parts it's the one I spent most time researching and looking at. I looked at practically every frickin case on newegg and weeding through them all. If you don't mind spending a decent amount I would seriously look into the Corsair 400r for ~100 or any of the other Corsair Cases. They are stylish, have great cooling options, expandability, AMAZING cable management, and are painted black on the inside and are of good corsair quality. I'm pretty sure they even all have usb 3.0.

hth, cheers.

P.s. If you are in Canada I would try to order your case from NCIX as opposed to Newegg(I have ordered from both). Not only will it ship faster but much less for delivery charges. They had some deal on recently and I only paid $5 shipping for my new Fractal Design Define Mini.
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