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Default Gaming Headset

My sound blaster arenas broke so I need a new pair and I have narrowed it down to three. Feel free to mention any other set as long as they're within a reasonable price range.

I plan on using them mostly for games and movies and occasionally for music.

Razer Carcharias - Cheapest of the 3 but lots of user complaining of poor build quality and customer service.
Cooler Master Storm Sirus - Reviews are quite favorable but to me they seem a tad costly, for an extra $20 I could get the wireless G930.
Logitech G930 - Favorable reviews, Wireless. On the bad side they're expensive and would require recharging fairly often (I game for extended periods) also according to user reviews they appear to have driver issues.

I'm actually really torn on what to get. I'm not sure if I'm prepared to drop $120+ on a headset. Anyone have any experience with the Carcharias?

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