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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Armor A90, NZXT Tempest 410 Elite.

I would opt for those as my first two choices,

The NZXT Tempest 410 Elite looks interesting. I don't like the look of the Armor A90, though. It looks like there's no design for cable management and I won't be drilling unless I have to. :)

Originally Posted by jcmaz View Post

It is extremely difficult to add additional hard drives to an Antec 300 after you assemble the damn thing because EVERYTHING is in the way.. /rant

As for form factor, it really depends what that PC is for and what functions you need. I prefer ATX because there are just WAY more expansion slot to fill :D

As for CPU coolers, I've tried OCZ Vendetta and Sunbeam Core Contact. Both of them don't require you to remove your mobo which is a plus. However, both of these heatsinks are EOL (I believe). I think somebody is selling their Core Contact tho...
I find it extremely difficult doing anything with the 300. :)

I was actually looking at full towers just to get more room.

Is there any CPU coolers that don't require removing the mobo that aren't EOL, though? :)

I guess if I'm starting from scratch (i.e. new system, cpu/ram/case etc), it's not essential and is more or less, 'nice to have' options. Not sure why these manufacturers don't make this more flexible (cooler and cases should have the option - the cutouts of the case where the mobo goes should be bigger, I think. Or at least cover enough space for most coolers.)

I'm not taking the box to LAN parties so I guess I can deal with a heavy weight and I have a table it should fit on. Looks or exterior appearance isn't as important as functionality/design inside and flexible for working in. Cable Management is also VERY important...

I have other cases at home I'd like $20 or something... but, maybe I should list for $10 each? I don't want any cheap (small) cases anymore. :) However, all these aren't mine... I just collected them but now want to sell or get rid of 'em! :)

I hope I can sell the 300 as a system or it'll be another one..... :-/
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