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Originally Posted by Full_Taoer View Post
Many thanks to SwingOp3 for spreading the news here. This is what the folding community is about and I'm glad to be a part of it.

chrisk has a PM waiting over at MaxPC. I'm sure he will share the passkey with trusted users who wish to fold for Rose.

Gordon PM'd me this morning to say that he has shared all of the attention from the various forums with Rose and he says it is helping to lift her spirits. I will add a link to this thread over there, if it has not yet been linked.

On behalf of Gordon, Rose, and the entire MaxPC team, I thank all of you!
Welcome to the boards FT....wish it were under better circumstances.

Gsmitherman is one of the folding community's most respected gentlemen. He has brought in many folders over the years and the community owes him a lot. Contributing to Rose's username is a very small gesture.
Fold for team #54196
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