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Default I'll be Folding for "Rose" for a Bit; Donate to Gordon's Stanford server

Edit by Chrisk:
Full Taoer has a post here that gives info on a donation drive to get a Stanford server in Gordon's name.

Gordon Smitheman and his wife both passed away recently. Gordon was huge in the folding community, and for HWC in particular, he was instrumental in getting us involved in the Chimp Challenge (he believed we could be great competitors in that contest, and we have proven him right).

Gordon folded for all the right reasons, and the community/world is less without him. Had a chance to chat with him a few times, and this is indeed a worthy cause.


This is just an FYI that I'll be throwing some points over to my old team MaxPC for the next little while.

Found out today that the wife of Gordon Smitheman has been diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer. If there is one person whom I could point to that got me started folding and kept me folding for the last two years, it would be this man. He was THEE folding fanboy for Team MaxPC for so many years and is well known in the folding community as he has acted as the team captain for the Chimp Challenge in years past.

There are posts on the MaxPC folding forums regarding the "Bad News" thread from Gordon about the disease as well as a "Foldathon for Rose" thread discussing the amassing of points as a tribute to him and his wife.

My good friend Full_Taoer has posted info on EVGA, [H]ardOCP,, Custom PC and Windows7Forums regarding this sad news. There has been heartwarming support and condolences from all facets of the folding community.

We are a large number of groups on the same team!!

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