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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
As long as its standard height ram you shouldnt have a problem (as long as you install your ram FIRST that is). Its designed with std height ddr3 ram in mind. ;)
TBH, its only when you get into the ram with fancy (and IMHO useless) and tall heatspreaders that you run into problems with this beast. Still prefer a Corsair H80 to the D14 but for air the D14 is a beast. :)
totally agree with u on all accounts but one (actually double checked the poster to c if i wasnt reading my own post after u called gimicky ram useless). Thing is the D14 out performs the H80 and ties with the H100 and is much more silent. Only advantage H80 has is compatibility and if u go with the equivalent performing H100 u even loose on that...just my 2 cents (you can disagree, some people just want Hseries to be able to say they have water cooling or simply hate noctua fan colors including me...but temp/sound benchmarks are all in favor of the D14)
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