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Default Cheap case and heat sink?

I am putting a new HDD in my system and I am sadly recalling how horrible it is to use my case, an Antec 300!

Actually, I can't stand it!!!

The other annoyance is the heat sink that is really sharp... I have to be soooooooo careful...but, it's hard to connect anything.... gotta watch my hands/fingers! Don't want to jinx myself so....

Another one is the setup or arrangment of the Power ATX connectors and they are in the way of the fans....

The entire design just sucks so I'd like to sell my LGA775 setup ... was originally going to sell the main components, cpu, memory and mobo but I might try to sell it all.... LOL!

If so, I need help with advice for a new case. Also, this might be a strange question but is the CM 212 heat sink everyone recommends a good design? Does it have sharp edges?

I would like a decent case and cheaper the better but what is the best for cable management and for working in?

Last but least, does it matter what size of mobo I get.... ATX or mATX? I'll get whatever is easiest.

I have been doing some cases/systems for some ppl but not many. However, for myself, I want something that is the least hassle and that I don't have to worry about cutting myself each time I need to move something around the heat sink!

Is there a particular brand/model of case that is good and doesn't change much? I'm not sure when I'll buy it... I might have to buy components gradually... meaning cpu/RAM then mobo then case.... you know what I mean?

Anyway, I know I should google/research but I'd like some ideas/opinions if anyone can provide????

Thanks! I never used to be so picky about a case before but I've had enough!!!!!!! lol!

Edit: no real budget but probably not worth suggesting $200+ cases unless you really think it's something I'd particularly want. It makes the overall budget harder. Although, I'm interested in any suggestions. Also, does it matter if it's an full tower ATX case or mid-tower?
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