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Originally Posted by JJThomp View Post
You shouldn't have to worry about much condensation. Condensation will only occur if your cpu is cooler than the air around it, since the air circulating is cold your cpu should be warmer so it's fine.
Thanks good to know.

Another BSOD at 3.9Ghz running Prime95. I'm at 1.7V now Let's see what temps I get. Since I moved the PC in a better position I get cooler temps on the NB and GPU. Not that the GPU temps make any difference. If this doesn't pass 10min Prime I'm gonna bring the RAM multi down again.. maybe the IMC is super weak.. We'll see.


Ok so there's NO WAY to make 3.9ghz stable on all 4 cores. There's a limitation on the CPU unless it's the mobo which I don't think so.. I've changed bus/multi while playing with the north/ht link multi to see if there's a more stable mixture of clocks and multi's.. I brought the vcore all the way up to 1.747V with no change in stability. I tried 1.797V but it wouldn't even load windows on that (probably mobo limitation there) I tryed ACC combinations with no success.

I brought down the cpu multi with all other settings the same. CPU was running at 3.66Ghz and it passed 10min Prime. So I knew it was the CPU speed that was limiting me. I even brought the memory multi to 1:1 still nothing. I now know the CPU's limit. No matter the core voltage or temps it will to be stable at 3.9ghz.. (unless sub zero does it)

I had an idea. I disabled the one core I unlocked to see if that core was weaker. YUP. Passed 10min 3.9ghz then. 4Ghz no such luck, but it did load windows fine just fail in Prime, I played with it a little but no luck. It seems anything above 1.65V is useless, there's no extra stability.

I go to thinking, MAYBE if I disable all but one core, what could I get?? Well 4.0Ghz was stable 10min prime, 4.1Ghz NOPE.. No amount of voltage helped to stabilize it and the temps at load was 13C I tryed 4.2Ghz but it wouldn't even load windows..

When I unlock the 4th core it gets rid of the individual core temps. When I tryed 3 cores I could see it. the temp difference is about 7C, that's a lot! :S When I was on only 1 core I was getting 6C load and 2C idle but what do you believe?

Well I'm done.. It was deff fun to play around with but an eye opener, I kind of expected a single core with the right voltage to get somewhere close to 4.5ghz but that's not the case.. I heard around the internet that AMDs CPUs loved the cold so I had some high hopes.. I guess what those ppl meant was that using ln2 and liquid helium kind of cold.

I'm gonna see if I can get more from my GPU now but not going to post it, I'm gonna do it quick. I'M FREEZING

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