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Default Xigmatek“s Achilles S1284 Vs. Thermalright Kings

Just wanted to share this review from our small site here in Denmark.

Hope im not violation any forum rules. If so fell free to slap me :)

Xigmatek“s new Achilles S1284 Vs. ThermalRigth 120-Ultra and IFX-14.
We have received this pre-production sample from our freinds at Coolerkit.Dk

We just had to give you a view of the performance, but please take note.
When the final edition is ready for production, the performance migth drop a few C°...

Up for test is the Xigmatek Achilles S1284, like its predecessors it comes with the H.D.T. (Heatpipe Direct Touch)
It will be tested against the Thermalright 120-Ultra, Thermalright IFX-14, and last but not least Intel boxed cooler.
The fan from the s1284 will be used to give a fair comparison.

The cooler arrived in a fancy box, decorated with a Ancient Greek amour shield.
As you can see the cooler is turned upside down, revealing the unik Xigmatek signature, the H.D.T. (Heatpipe Direct Touch)

In comparing to the S1283, the fan has been upgraded a bit,
life expectancy has been increased, noise lowered,
the hight has been increased 10 mm and 60 grams of mass has been added.

Package & accessories

The Package
Two retention brackets for mainboards with LGA775 socket
Retention bracket for mainboards with Socket 654/939/940 and Socket AM2
Spoiler-plate; Two screws for LGA775 socket retention
1g pack of SilMORE thermal grease.
4 fan anti-vibration mounts

The cooler in profile

H.D.T. (Heatpipe Direct Touch)
If one compare the H.D.T system used in the "old" S1283 you will notice that the
heatpipes have been placed a few mm from each other, this will help absorb the
heat from Quard and Tri-core Processors better.

Assembly of the cooler is very easy, for example the anti-vibration rubber pices to mount the 120mm fan i find very cleverly designed.
And it lowers the vibrations and noise considerably.

Mounting the Two retention brackets for LGA775 socket is a very easy process.

Finish assembled and ready to rock, dosent she look beautiful?

Nice and quiet 120mm fan with 4 white leds, Cool even though our picture dosent do her justice. !

Testbed and Methods
  • OS: Windows xp sp2
  • Mainboard: Asus commando
  • Cpu: E8500 (Lapped)
  • Graphics card: Msi 6600GT
  • Memory: G.skill 8000hz
  • Harddisk: RaptorX 150
  • System case: Lian li pc65
  • Power supply: NorthQ NQ-4001at basic power
  • Cooling past: Shin Etsu G751
  • Room temp 19-19,5C

Test 1 will be made passivly, at stock speed and volt, except for the Intel boxed cooler.
Test 2 will be made with stock speed and volt, and for better comparison.
The Thermalright 120-ultra and IFX-14 will be using the Xigmatek cooling fan.
Test 3 will be made with 4180 Mhz and 1.3volt.
All 3 coolers will be using the Xigmatek“s cooling fan as mentioned erliger to give a more fair comparison. Except for the Intel boxed cooler, that will not be included in this test.

Temps are Messured with Coretemp 0.98

The Xigmatex Achilles amazed me by the ease of the installation, its very well thought through.
But performance wise, it can“t quite keep up with the 120-ultra or IFX-14.
But taken in consideration that this is a pre-production sample, that the performance should be better when it hits the market and that the price of the Xigmatek Achilles S1284 gives you very good price/performance that cannot be mached by any other in the market.

Xigmatex Achilles S1284 Preproduction sample provided by Coolerkit.Dk
Written and tested by Nanok :))
Photo by Hans Nissen
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