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Originally Posted by esperasoppa View Post's really hard to say. I don't know whether it is my speakers or the mp3s I have, but I maybe only feel that its a little bit clearer. But then again, I'm no audiophile.

Bass definitely gets clearer, not as muddy as before, I can tell you that. It is warm but not too heavy. I guess I need more time and media to see if there is any significant difference.

I'm on Win 7 32, so I can't comment on the driver for 64, but I think the people recommended this card have Win 64 so you should be fine.
Jackquelegs can probably asnwer your question there.

Looking at your system though, I would say why not. The card is only ~$20.

EDIT: By the way, @Jackquelegs: Have you ever had the CA-HS1 from Corsair? They are on sale at $50, is that a good deal? Do they sound similar to the Sony V6?
Drivers from ASUS work fine here on my D2X and Essence STX for W7 64bit. The sound difference will depend really on the reproduction devices (i.e. speakers, headphones). However the difference will be there. I remember when I moved away from onboard, it felt as if the trebles became more sparkly, and bass extended better, with better clarity all round. But then I jumped from onboard to a X-fi prelude back then, so the differences are noticeable like the dent it made in my wallet.

I have the HS1 and HS1A. HS1 uses a USB interface so it basically uses its own DAC (digital analogue converter) bypassing the sound processing of your computer. HS1 would not be able to take advantage of any sound cards. On the other hand, the HS1A is analogue so it relies on the DAC of the soundcard for the source, and respond accordingly to source changes.

MDR-V6 is MILES better than the HS1/HS1A. I find that without EQ, the HS1 series are seriously lacking in mids and lows. V6 on the other hand is good across the board, but the highs are a bit harsh at times. I wouldn't even think the V6 and HS1 are comparable.
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