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Originally Posted by Supergrover View Post
pci videocard for troubleshooting, thought TBH I have not had to use mine in awhile now.
That is valid, and I just learned something. Now is that to eliminate the PCIe all togher or could you use PCIe x1 vid card?

Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
PCI sound cards are still being made. I'd hate to have to buy another $150 soundcard.
Sorry, the argument that PCI should still be used for sound/NIC does not hold water when it comes to high-end platforms - low to mid, fine. I look at this way, if one is spending ~$600 on a mobo and a CPU alone, why on earth are you too cheap to spend the extra 100 pesos on a new PCIe sound/NIC card. But then what do I know, I am the noob here.
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