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My System Specs

Default Windows Home server Remote configuration Help

Windows Home server Remote Help:
I cant access my whs website or set up Remote

Ive forwarded all my ports HTTP HTTPS RWW on my Dlink DIR655 router to my home server.

I have Shaw net, a surfboard SB5102 Cable modem

When i try to configure my Remote settings on the server console it trys to repair / configure my router
I get the Red X error: Verifying remote website is available for the internet.

UPnP is enabled

My server is on the DHCP Reservation List, what am i missing???????? hours of net research have got me to this point, I'm a network noob,

I thought maybe i was behind a double NAT, but the SB5102 is just a modem....

Ive read: D-Link DIR-655 Router for Windows Home Server Remote Access - HSL Wiki

Remote Access Challenges

and countless other forums .... anybody here?

Need more information?

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