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Default's really hard to say. I don't know whether it is my speakers or the mp3s I have, but I maybe only feel that its a little bit clearer. But then again, I'm no audiophile.

Bass definitely gets clearer, not as muddy as before, I can tell you that. It is warm but not too heavy. I guess I need more time and media to see if there is any significant difference.

I'm on Win 7 32, so I can't comment on the driver for 64, but I think the people recommended this card have Win 64 so you should be fine.
Jackquelegs can probably asnwer your question there.

Looking at your system though, I would say why not. The card is only ~$20.

EDIT: By the way, @Jackquelegs: Have you ever had the CA-HS1 from Corsair? They are on sale at $50, is that a good deal? Do they sound similar to the Sony V6?
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