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My System Specs


SSD is always nice, but at the current prices it's still a luxury toy which doesn't worth it's price. IMO, apart from guys who really work with programs which benefit from it an a daily basis.
How many times do I boot my pc? Once a day max. Game loading screens will pass a bit faster, ok. But sorry, not for the current prices. (and the not so 100% reliability that's promised).

About the CPU - If it's mainly gaming, take the 2500K, but if you plan to multitask heavily and work with a wide range of demanding programs, grab the I7.
Case - while looks good, the 650Ds are hotboxes, especially if you're going to use that H80 as an intake. A 600T / 500R / CM 690II Advanced / HAF series - would be wiser choices.
Great mobo.
GPU(s) - not a fanboism, a fact: Dual cards, current generations - go for NVIDIA. 560s/570s in your case.
Memory - the G-skill RAM is considered best for SB, but not so sure about that one.
That PSU is solid.

Good luck! :)
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