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Well heres the unboxing its a shiny black a dust magnet but its a good finish with a silver top.

You got all the usual suspects Usb2.0 and ESata.

Alright and this is how it looks with a stand on it not bad not bad its very compact. So as you will probably notice there is a lack of fan with this product will that effect harddrive temperatures we will see later on. Testing will be done with a Seagate 7200.10 320 gb hardrive Sata2.

Cables and such also if your computer does not have a front side E-SATA hook up they give you a supplied one just hook it up to your motherboard and an empty Slot in the back.

Alright the last two pictures show the design layout of the Vantec now if you have this product and its not similiar to this design but instead the bed is flat with no square holes like the picture above!!!!!
WARNING if this is not how yours look like if you buy it STOP USE OF IT! this is the second revision of the product i recieved the prior one had one flat bed with no holes well let me tell yea i plugged it in the Seagate 320gb Sata 2 and it fried it literally smoke it fried one of the chips on the bottom right i have a picture in here somewhere but this was couple months ago. I quickly called the place i purchased it from and explained and they sent to Vantec for investigation i did not think they could do anything about the hard drive so i tried Seagate for the hardrive and luckily after talking to one of the managers she agreed to send pictures and i did and they gave me an RMA Number.

After 3 weeks Vantec sent the seller a new revision which is the one you see with those holes in the center apparentely before the bed was touching the chips anyways and they were kind enough to also give me a brand new Seagate Hardrive 320gb 7200.10 like the one i used.

Last Picture is the power Cord its about a meter in length and frankly its a little too short for my taste specifically if you have no ESATA hook ups in the front of your case and you have to run the cable from the back of your case to the front with this short power cord. So the power cord gets a - from me.

Alright so we tested this with the Seagate 7200.10 320gb hard drive and as many of you know it runs a little hotter then their new line up of 7200.11 this time i did not have any incidents it ran smooth but after an hour the hard drive was burning at a crisp 42 degrees so i turned it off the case is made of aluminium and its cold to the touch but after awhile without a fan it just cannot keep the hard drive cool.

Would i leave this thing on all night ??? Probably Not

So Pros

Cheap - Costed 40 bucks
Shiny- Looks good compared to other cheap enclosures of the price
ESATA- Wave of the future
Blue light covers the whole front not a bad view i must say.
Looks Nice- Goes well with Decor as you can see

I know its almost like a wheres Waldo picture eh lol

Anyways the bad

Does not keep the hard drive cool
First revision with flat bed blew my hard drive
Good only for short intervals unless you have a newer hard drive that runs colder

So Would i recommend this product - Probably not i would say go for one of those Antec enclosures that comes with a fan ill probably buy one of those. But if you only use it for short intervals or have a reallly cool hard drive i should use my 7200.11 500gb then why not but the product gets 3 out of 5 stars and thats only because it went well with my Samsung TV! and the blue lights!
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