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Solid build. Not sure about the 650, but my 600T is HUGE inside. SSD, to me a 60G isn't worth a nickel. SSD caching does NOT run as fast as having the OS on the HD, but then you have to deal with making shortcuts to all your program files etc. if you go with a tiny one and put your OS on it. I usually recommend dumping the SSD and putting more into GPU, as that's where the real gaming performance is, but it's a matter of your priorities.

I don't have an SSD yet but when I do, it'll be big enough to handle my OS + most of my gaming files, so 240G or so (I generally don't have *that many* games loaded all at once.) In my dreams, I have 2 @ 240 in RAID0, but I'm not dumping $1000 (or $7-800) on storage.
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