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My System Specs


I think your configuration is just fine, for BF3. I am very nervous about Skyrim not having initial good crossfire support.

What I would do is buy 2x6950 by asus, the direct cu2 unit (either 1 gig or 2 gig depending on how many monitors you plan to use) and then flash the bioses (bioses or biosi?). I like doing this on the ASUS card because the direct cu2 card has decent (but loud) cooling. This will give you the performance of 2x6970 for the price of ~ 600 cdn.

I'll be the first to admit i'm and AMD fanboy, but i'll also say that i'm really upset about crossfire support for earlier games, but I am hopeful that crossfire support will be as robust as SLI in this upcoming offering from the game gods (MW3, BF3, skyrim all at once!).

Now, about the keyboard, I actually am the proud owner of a Razer black widow ultimate, and I love it to death. I believe it has the cherry BLUE switches, and I have never used a better gaming keyboard. It only has 6 key anti ghosting but i haven't needed to use more than 6 keyboard keys at once..... yet!

Also, razer is offering a BF3 special edition black widow ultimate keyboard, and a special edition of the imperator mouse! I'd really reccommend the imperator for bf3, except for one facet of it: it does not have a "snipe" button. I set up the 2 buttons just under the mousewheel to select 5400 dpi (new imperator is 6400 i believe) and 800dpi, but i think a button that lowers the dpi to a set rate only when it is depressed is much much much much better for those stupidly long shots.

Anyways, hope my rant helps! I have a couple friends in the same boat atm lookin to buy almost the same hardware.
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