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My System Specs


Choices look pretty solid. I back up the switch to Nvidia graphics. Either GTX 570 or 580 for those games(better bang for buck vs just better bang). For the HDD I don't have any experience with Hitachi, so my vote would go to a WD black and if its in your budget/wants throw a decent SSD in there to boost loading performance. If you plan to SLI one of these cards in the future I would bump the PSU to the 850w model. If you are staying single card than your choice is great.

Everyone else....what Pabz0r545 is talking about in regards to BF3 is that there are no reviews published yet for the retail BF3. I believe it has been released now for those that pre-ordered (correct me if I am wrong). Not sure if graphics changed much from beta to retail or not (someone with the retail game can chime in on that).
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