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Originally Posted by Silvgearx View Post
Thanks 10e, good to know that I didn't screw up my monitors factory default menu. I only press the top and second button, so I don't think I mess up anything.

I did a little comparison, comparing a 2412 vs a 2311, the w-led seems have a brighter view. I also notice the w-led to have darker color on dark and brighter color on bright. And during movies, the ccfl panel give a more redish/blush on face vs a more paled/white on the w-led.

Maybe it's 2 different panels? Now I am just waiting for the spider pro 3 to go on sale again.
As AkG said, it's probably not a bad idea to get the Spyder3 Express and see how it goes. You can always upgrade the software later on, or even try a different package, as the Spyder3 is widely supported by other software.

Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Oh I agree 10e on the SpyderPro. Its not the best. My point is that when all monitors have been tested on the same equipment the results will line up: in comparison to each other. Just as with any other area, when dealing with a review sample of one and a Point Of View of one person....nothing should be taken as gospel; rather it should give a person a good idea how it stacks up against the competition. Nothing more nothing less. :)
At some point I will most likely change over to a Lacie colorimter...but TBH am hesitant as it will require throwing out ALL the previous monitors in the charts and starting from square one(all are samples not "keepers") for very little gain. Right now the charts tell you how X monitor stacks up against others...just like I want them to.
Yeah if it's the original Spyder or Spyder2, it may not be the best at detecting dark colors/blacks. In those cases trying to figure out contrast from a higher brightness might give you better accuracy.

Actually I have a Spyder2, so I might take it out of the box and see how it stacks up against my newer models.

The Lacie sensor I have that came with the Blue Eye Pro is horrendous. Whites are pink, color temperatures are all wrong, etc.... Wait for the software support from HCFR and other packages get there for the I1D3 (Eye One Display 3).

It is extremely fast, and uses non-organic filters for red/green/blue which will last longer and stay accurate longer.

Generally the Spyder3 is still popular and a good all-round colorimeter for both wide and standard gamut.

BTW, love the dogs.

Xeven: How about 10^8.450980400142567e-001 -as a possible replacement for "10e"
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