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yea man i was amazed by this little cooler myself and im glad i spent the 20 bucks on it and im not disappointed at all its a veryyy hot day today my cpu is idelin at 34 but my video card is a nice crip 40 degrees a loot better then my stock would have been at 55% it would have been close to 55 degrees.

Yea 2 weeks ago we had like a semi winter couple of days it was -5 to 0 so those are kinda semi winter temps i can onllly imagine when reallllllllll winter comes to see actual temps probably be around 25-28 degrees lol im excited but yea bro if yur interested in this cooler like i said theres an awesome seller on ebay named Refurb Doc who works for Zalman and refurbs all the coolers cleans the coolers brand and shiny and yu get the original box and 1 year warranty. 15 dollar shipping and theres always 2-3 of them.

If a small cooler can do the job and do it well i dont see why i would put a big TT cooler on it i did like the Duorb cooler i will admit it but i have a soft side for Zalman coolers and it was like 20 bucks for me at the time so i couldnt resist.
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