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I decided to replace my stock Lian Li 140mm top fan with a Enermax TB Silence to match my 120mm fans, it is a lot quieter. In fact I can run fans 100% now and it is less noisy than before at about 40%. I also decided to clean up my cabling, I'm certain it could still be improved. But not bad for 10 mins works and a few cable ties. Much nicer airflow, video card dropped about 3C on idle and 5C on load. Yah.

I routed all cabled along the top of the motherboard so nothing crosses over the CPU anymore, and I reduced the jumble in front of the video card. I think it looks better in person.



BTW, I love this case. I've even gotten over the fact you have to remove eight screws to remove one side panel. I'm still a little disappointed you basically have to take the entire system apart to replace the optical drive but oh well.
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