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I'm excited for it but a little disappointed that they're taking the carrier and mothership away. I mean.. the mothership I can see why even tho it makes for great fun at times, but the carriers? seriously? It's a classic StarCraft unit. Why take it away? , Then I also hear that the Thor will only be built once and called the "Odin" kind of a super unit with lots of HP. I for one enjoyed massing up Thors and marines, or Thors and vikings. Otherwise I'm glad to see new units coming into the game. The mechanics will change and so will people's strategies. I hardly play 1vs1 I find it boring to be honest. I enjoy 2vs2 a lot tho. I get on teamspeak with a friend of mine and we always have a good time. We've worked our way up from bronze and now we're currently starting in Platinum. It's all about refining your build order, know what to scout and when to scout and always be a move ahead of your opponent. Hopefully Blizzard won't make us wait too much longer. Summer of 2012 would be a reasonable release date.
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