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Personally, I would go xfire or sli with medium range cards and not really worry about waiting. The gtx 560ti can be found around ~200$ now, and in sli, they easily outperform a single 580. However, the general consensus online seems to be that people prefer a single higher end card rather than sli/xfire options because of microstuttering. Personally, I have xfire 6870's, the supposedly worst card with microstuttering in xfire, but I have never seen one problem in owning them for over half a year. With all the numerous builds that I have done for friends using xfire/sli in their setup, non of them have ever seen any "microstuttering" either, so for me, it is a non issue and I can't really warrant how true it is about what people are saying about xfire/sli. Besides that, you can get one 560ti now, have very respectable gaming performance, and can add on another one later when you saved up more money.
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