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My System Specs


My opinion-

560Ti is excellent bang for buck right now, and should be a fine GPU for another 1-2year at your resolution.

Your CPU WILL bottleneck the 560Ti, but it will depend on the game to what extent.

My opinion is to buy the GPU and see how your CPU does with the games you play. Then its your call to either go for a 955/1090 (IMO the only AMD processors to consider) if you feel you need it. Another factor to consider is that these CPU are becoming EOL soon and may become harder to find the longer you wait. If you plan on keeping the system for a while, then grab a new CPU. If you think you may have the funds to go to a new MOB CPU RAM in the next 6 months or so, then don't bother with a CPU now and put the money towards the new build.
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