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My System Specs


Cheers Eldonko! That's exactly what I was thinking. Back in the dark ages of Netware 4.0, we set up servers with Raid 5? (striping with CRC, can't remember it's been so long) over 3 drives for data security. It wasn't fast, but it was safe. For some reason the head office wouldn't pay for 2 drives to mirror and lose 1/2 the space, but they'd pay for a damn expensive scsi card and 3 drives.

That article shows a 20% improvement in HDD benchmarks, but only 2.5-3.5% in real world applications. I'd probably see more improvement by running a small Raptor as a boot/exe drive. I'd be interested to see that article updated to the new ICH9/10, though, to see if there's been some improvement since then. Hint Hint.

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