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Originally Posted by Pabz0r545 View Post
Super cool! I spend way too much time playing SC2. When did this information get released?

To tell you the truth I thought I wasn't very excited for HotS with BF3, D3, SWToR and Skyrim all on the horizon. I been kind of feelin burnt out with SC2 but seeing all those cool units makes me really excited to play it.

I'm not a protoss player but that replicant looks BADASS! So OP.

IIRC they stated 1 new unit will be available in multiplayer for each race. Do we know which one it will be?
I was under the impression it would be similar to the original Brood War expansion with 2 new units per race, but I see 3 new units for Terram and Protoss and only 2 for Zerg. The replicator seems like the SC1 equivalent of the Dark Archon (mind control). And then the Protoss also get 2 new air units, while the others don't even get one? Leads me to believe these may not be the new multiplayer units, well at least not all of them are.
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