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Originally Posted by Anon-Reader View Post
Instead of running the TEC at full power, the reviewer should have installed a 100watt OHMite rheostat/potentiometer and used a multi-meter to read the output voltage and current while starting the TEC off at a lower power like 1volt. This would have been a more honest method of testing its full potential.

Also I take issue with methodology and the fact that the reviewer never posted ambient temperatures and testing on a CPU is a highly variable source for heat. Instead, a consistent 100watt heat place should have been used and the temperature of the heatplate should be used to determine the effectiveness of all cooling devices.

I am very interested in this unit for cooling my AMD FM1 APU based system, as I live in the south and summers here even with the central airconditioning running can cause CPU temps to drastically rise to alarming levels with out any overclocking involved. Another product I have found which I would like to see reviewed is the Ultra ChillTEC which seems like it may have some ideas that really better than the coolermaster concept.
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Man that review is a bast from the past.

Guess you skipped over this page where it laid out ambient temp and the overall methodology. :/
Cooler Master V10 CPU Cooler Review

As for the 100watt heater..sure...sounds like a great idea, except for the fact that I have yet to see any PC use a 100 watt heater as a processor. It boils down to synthetic vs real world. We here prefer real world...YMMV. Honestly, CPU cooler testing by its very nature is variable. Your results will differ from someone elses. The results of the charts however will (usually) line up with your results in that X cooler vs Y cooler will net similar percentage differences in performance.

Personally I would take a Corsair H80 (or H100) over the V10 any day. IF you dont like water, there are plenty of other air based coolers which will net better results than this one. For example a Noctua D14 with 3 fans or Prolimatech Super Mega with two fans.
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