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Instead of running the TEC at full power, the reviewer should have installed a 100watt OHMite rheostat/potentiometer and used a multi-meter to read the output voltage and current while starting the TEC off at a lower power like 1volt. This would have been a more honest method of testing its full potential.

Also I take issue with methodology and the fact that the reviewer never posted ambient temperatures and testing on a CPU is a highly variable source for heat. Instead, a consistent 100watt heat place should have been used and the temperature of the heatplate should be used to determine the effectiveness of all cooling devices.

I am very interested in this unit for cooling my AMD FM1 APU based system, as I live in the south and summers here even with the central airconditioning running can cause CPU temps to drastically rise to alarming levels with out any overclocking involved. Another product I have found which I would like to see reviewed is the Ultra ChillTEC which seems like it may have some ideas that really better than the coolermaster concept.
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