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Default Looking for PSU advice for 560 Ti

EVGA 560 Ti Superclocked (900mhz) min requirements state 500w w/ 30amps total power on 12v rails.

My Enermax Liberty 500w PSU meets these reqs (has 32a).

I just wanna be sure I'm not gonna push it past the limit since my CPU has major OC.

Currently running:
q9450 at 3.8ghz and 1.40v
GTX 460 768mb at 860mhz
H70 watercooler
4 120mm fans
1 140mm fan
2 HDDs
1 DVD burner

So ya, the 560 ti has more SPUs, more memory and higher clock, so I just wanna be sure I'm not going too far. Plus, I will OC the 560 ti as far as possible... I think I've read ppl getting them over 1000mhz but I'm not sure how many ppl get it past 900mhz.

I do have an OCZ ModXtreme Pro 600w w/ 42amps that I could swap with. I just trust the Enermax as being more robust and bullet proof. The gaming machine is also a SFF and so doing a PSU swap is kind of a pain in the ass :P

I've played with PSU Calculator Lite, but it's hard to know which components affect the 12v rails, so I'm not sure.
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