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My System Specs


Originally Posted by thorn View Post
I used 10e's settings (I am fairly certain he posts here as well) that I saw on a different forum. They are fairly similar to the flatpanelshd review.
Yup, sure do. Mostly folding here, so we can dominate in the Chimp Challenge yearly

Just missed the get together in T.O. this October due to the birth of a new 7lbs. folder!

Originally Posted by Jake_HT View Post
How would you say this monitor compares to the 2209WA? Probably pretty similar?
I consider it the next step to the 2209WA. Low input lag, but a little bit worse overdrive causing some reverse ghosting. I play games often on it, and it doesn't bother me, and it's hard for me to pick up even when looking at it.

Originally Posted by Sagath View Post
The WA2209 has no issues with ghosting and the like, the stats sheet says it is a 6ms GtG. Colours should be similar in performance, since the 2209 is a e-IPS screen as well.

The real advantage the 2209 has over the 2412 is the 75hz refresh rate for "moar fps!"
More reverse ghosting on the U2412M. I was able to get into the service menu and shut off the overdrive, as well as adjust it lower for different results. It has an on/off toggle and goes up and down from a level of 55 (going from memory).

The problem with the original batch of 2209WAs (which I had in Jan 2009) was that they often had a blue to red tint on whites going across the screen. This is tough to calibrate.

Originally Posted by Silvgearx View Post
How was the calibrated setting determine? I can't seem to find it in the review.

What would be a good calibrated tool to buy?
Spyder3 Pro is probably a great software/hardware combination, which seems to work well for wide as well as sRGB gamut.

Yeah, I have to ask too. These settings/results seem absolutely WAY OFF

Lowest contrast of an IPS panel? Everyone is getting minimally 750:1 contrast after calibration and I was getting 1100:1 before calibrating !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 This was with my NEC tuned X-Rite I1D2 sensors, but I am waiting for my favorite program to support my new Eye One Display 3/Pro to get even better results.

I have to re-read the review to see what the testing equipment was, but it seems like a different screen than what I got. Default settings were 1100:1 or higher at all brightness levels, and gamma was in the 2.1 range for me at 75 contrast (default).

Here's what I got before I started calibrating (for contrast ratio):

This is with the standard color preset.

For those concerned about a dominant blue (typical of W-LED back-lit screens it seems), try using the "Color Temp" preset with "5700K" selected.

I found this to be a very nice setting. It's sitting next to a well-calibrated screen costing three times as much and it's looking fairly similar.

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