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Default I got a question about video cards.

Hi there.
First time posting , but I been lurking for years.

So I am a huge EVGA fan, and I been contemplating upgrading to a GTX 570 for the past month or so. So, I decide to go shopping and see whats out there.

All the online stores seem to have everything you need, but the local shops have zero stock, which to me frankly is somewhat ODD.

So finally, I give up on Tuesday and order one from, but its Friday and it still hasn't shipped.

So where are all the video cards? nothing seems to be available, now granted the card I am looking for is a bit rare'er then most.


So where are all the video cards hiding? is the 6 series video cards due out soon? it was my understanding they would be out near February in 2012.

I am also going to be water cooling my Video Card, and I been reading this perticular video card is a GTX 580 refrence card.

What does that mean? is there a wiki page somewhere or a link that explains some of the lingo?

I haven't been able to find anything.
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