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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Draex View Post
Looking for suggestions on somewhat of strange build.

My house took a lightning strike, and well I first thought the damage was limited to only the video card and the power supply.(no output on that system or another system I tested it in.)

It appears the damage is more extensive then I originally thought, I have replaced the PSU with an HX1000, and have ordered a GTX580 3GB from on the BST section that should be getting here today.

In the mean time the rest of the system with the HX1000 and lowbie 8800GT has stopped posting at all.

The board was Max 3 Gene + I7 860. I have tried the cpu in another friends 1156 system and it does not post. I have tried my friends CPU in the Gene and it similarly does not post. There also appears to be minor scorch marks where the 8PIN ATX Connector and 24Pin Connector contact the board. At this point I am concluding the whole system (minus the SSD, which oddly seams to have survived) dead.

Now to the point of my post. I have the GTX 580/SSD/Power supply. I only have $300 left in my budget to complete the system, with something the hopefully won't bottleneck the GPU to horribly. I need the mobo/cpu/mem to last until atleast after Christmas and would prefer to not have to replace all the parts then with something that will adequately drive the 580, I play at 2560x1600 for resolution and intend on playing BF3, Skyrim, SWTOR ect.

Would I be best trying to get a lowbie i3 with a decent motherboard and overclock it, only to replace it with 2600K Later?

Or would I be better of getting a cheap AMD motherboard with perhaps a 1055T?

Any help would be appreciated, I haven't been able to find any benchmarks showing the effective scaling of 580 with lower end cpu's.

Thanks in advance.
Go with the i3, it will do fine in gaming for now but you might not be able to stream/heavily multi-task. Sandy bridge is simply much better than anything AMD has for the price.
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