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Hey guys, I'm just curious as to how my fellow canucks pre-ordered this game. I figure I would have to buy it today in order to get the pre-order goodies before the Friday pre-loading, but I'm a little clueless about what the best online pre-order deal is at the moment.

Some may have noticed a deal on that was 30% off for the pre-order goodies of Back To Karkand and some Dogtag pack. It's currently at 15% or thereabouts off now, and I'm currently thinking of getting it.

Now consider this. Being in Canada, I have no idea if I can purchase this or if it'll redirect me to or something. Subsequently, since this is digital distribution, I have to consider a bunch of possible bullshit EA endgames, like Amazon tying your purchase automatically to U.S. Origin accounts via your email address, or the CD-Key Amazon gives you being region-locked to the U.S., or even just the very real possibility that Origin is quarter-baked and will mess something up.

So yeah, just looking for a bit of advice here. If I'm in Canada, can I buy some digital download deal using a Canadian CC on the American website, without any worries? Is the Amazon BF3 key to Origin what a Steamworks game is to Steam, that is, I can buy a key from anywhere and install it on any platform internationally? Has anyone bought a digital download from who doesn't live in the U.S. and can share their experience/nightmare with me? Is there any region-locking idiocy I should be wary of, buying this from .com? Has anyone pre-ordered from Amazon or somewhere other than Origin and know if they'll be a part of the pre-loading happening this Friday?

Thanks for your replies guys. Cheers.

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